About the KMP

About the KMP

The Pentax K-Mount Web Page, for brevity simply called “the KMP”, was originally created by Bojidar Dimitrov who maintained it for many years. The KMP is dedicated to the system of Pentax-made K-mount cameras, lenses and accessories. In order to keep size, time and effort within reason, no extensions of the KMP will be made to include any non-Pentax or non-K-mount equipment.

Most of the data presented by the KMP was collected from a large number of Pentax publications as well as careful examination and partial disassembly of actual products. In addition to the technical data, personal opinions, speculations, and findings are presented. While the intention is to be as objective as possible, these clearly marked sections of the KMP are probably certainly biased, so read them with the necessary grain of salt.

The language used in the KMP is US English, and numbers are US-friendly (i.e., 1.04 – .23 = 0.81). Dates follow international conventions, weights are in grams, and lengths are in meters.

An empty table field indicates the absense of a feature (for example lack of DOF preview) while the symbol “—” indicates that the feature in question is not applicable for the particular item (for example, exposure compensation on a body with manual exposure only).

Introduction dates are approximate. It is difficult to derive the exact ones because introduction dates vary by world region.

In certain places pictures, diagrams, dates, or numbers are missing. If you can provide any of these, please contact us.