General Description

The MZ-S is the culmination of the successful MZ / PZ series of cameras. It is also the successor of the long-time Pentax AF top model Z1-p /PZ-1p. Thus, the heritage of the MZ-3 with its classical user interface was combined with some of the “Hyper” functionalities of the Z1-p /PZ-1p. The result is a camera body whose design and user interface are quite different from those of both its ancestors.

The MZ-S was the first Pentax with a housing made of mangesium alloy. The MZ-S and the MZ-6 / ZX-L were last of the MZ / ZX series cameras and the first Pentax SLRs incorporating the P-TTL flash system allowing for wireless TTL flash control.

The following custom functions are available:

  1. Beep on/off
  2. Program P/PA/PD/MTF program
  3. Number of exposures in auto-bracketing 2 / 3 /5
  4. Sequence of auto-bracketing 0,+,- / -,0,+ / +,0,-
  5. Metering at focussing or by release
  6. AF key only focussing or metering and focussing
  7. DX code or manual setting of ISO
  8. Autmatic choose of neighboured AF field or not
  9. Shutter operation when flash not fully sharged: fire or not fire
  10. Built in flash as flash or as steering unit for cableless flash
  11. Function of light up key: normal / test flash light / adjustment flash light
  12. Film rewind: full rewind / leaves film leader out / leaves film leader out and mid roll change
  13. Film rewind at the end of the film: automatic / manually triggered
  14. Self shutter release time: 12 seconds normal / 2 seconds with mirror lock up
  15. Intension of data imprinting: auto (ISO) / low / middle / high
  16. By half pressed shutter: Focussing / no focussing (Focussing only with AF key)
  17. Rotation direction of wheel: value increases clockwise roation / value decreases clockwise
  18. Lens button help light when change key pressed: yes / no
  19. Shutter release time with IR-remote control: 3 seconds / immediately

The MZ-S itself does not feature an infra-red remote release, but its dedicated battery pack BG-10 does.

Product Variations
Exact Name MZ-S MZ-S
Color black silver-black
Year of Introduction 2001 2001
Sales Variations
Catalog Number 01385 05048 01386
Sold with Case

Technical Specifications

Lens Mount KAF2
Mount Limitations
AF System (sensitivity) SAFOX VII (-1 ~ 18 EV)
AF with supersonic lenses
Power-Zoom Features auto-lens retract, power zoom
Self-Timer 12 sec
Mirror Lock-Up
Cable Release CS-105/CS-130
Infra-Red Release
Custom Functions 19
Additional Features DOF preview, mirror lock-up
Width x Height x Depth 136.5 x 95 x 64 mm
Weight 520 g
Exposure System
Exposure Modes Av, HyM, M, Tv
Metering Modes with K and M Lenses center-weighted, spot
Metering Modes with A and newer Lenses 6-segment, center-weighted, spot
Meter Material SPD
Exposure Compensation (Step) +/-3 (1/2 EV steps)
Exposure Lock yes
Meter Range 0 ~ 21 EV
Manual ISO Range 6 ~ 6400 ASA
Film DX Range 25 ~ 5000 ASA
Construction electronic (vertical)
Material metal
Shutter Speeds 30 ~ 1/6000, B
Mechanical Speeds
Magnification [Coverage] 0.75x [92%]
Aperture Indication LED
Shutter-Speed Indication LED
Interchangeable Screens yes
Power Source
Batteries 2 x CR2
External Battery Grip BG-10
Continuous Shooting
Continuous Shooting 2.5 frames per second
Flash System
Command Protocol(s) analog
Features W, HS, P-TTL, TTL, P, S
Synchronization Speed(s) 1/180 ~ 30, B
Built-In Flash
Guide Number (GN) 12
Coverage (35mm equivalent) 24
Auto Pop-Up
Red-Eye Reduction yes
AF Assist yes
Fitting Case(s) soft case: CF-10