General Description

The MZ-D prototype was first presented at the Photokina 2000 in Cologne. At least one functional prototype existed. It was meant to be the digital twin of the MZ-S with which it shares many design and technical elements. The MZ-D incorporated an expensive “full frame” 36mm x 24mm image sensor with 3040 x 2008 Pixels and made by Philips. Pentax decided not to bring the MZ-D to the market. It took almost 3 further years until the first digital Pentax K-mount camera was available: The *ist D which incorporated a considerably smaller (23.5mm x 15.7mm) and much cheaper image sensor.

Interestingly, the Contax N Digital, also first shown at the Photokina 2000, incorporated the same Philips full frame sensor. Only in spring 2002 it was available for almost 10000 Euros. The Contax N Digitalt received mixed reviews, became a total market failure and was withdrawn within a year.

Product Information
Exact Name MZ-D
Color black
Year of Introduction 2000

Technical Specifications

Lens Mount KAF2
Mount Limitations
AF System (sensitivity) SAFOX VII (-1 ~ 18 EV)
AF with supersonic lenses
Power-Zoom Features auto-lens retract, power zoom
Self-Timer 12 sec
Mirror Lock-Up
Cable Release CS-105/CS-130
Infra-Red Release
Custom Functions unknown
Additional Features DOF preview, mirror lock-up
Width x Height x Depth unknown x unknown x unknown mm
Weight unknown
Image Sensor
Effective Pixel Count 6 megapixel
Sensor Type CCD
Sensor Size 24 x 36 mm
Focal-Length Multiplication Factor 1 x
Image Storage
Data-Storage Formats JPG, TIFF, RAW
Storage Media PCMCIA II, CompactFlash II
Digital Features
Shake Reduction
Dust Removal
Live View
Orientation Sensor
Exposure System
Exposure Modes Av, HyM, M, Tv
Metering Modes with K and M Lenses center-weighted, spot
Metering Modes with A and newer Lenses 6-segment, center-weighted, spot
Meter Material SPD
Exposure Compensation (Step) +/-3 (1/2 EV steps)
Exposure Lock yes
Meter Range 0 ~ 21 EV
ISO Range 6 ~ 6400 ASA
Film DX Range 25 ~ 5000 ASA
Construction electronic (vertical)
Material metal
Shutter Speeds 30 ~ 1/6000, B
Mechanical Speeds
Magnification [Coverage] 0.75x [92%]
Aperture Indication LED
Shutter-Speed Indication LED
Interchangeable Screens yes
Power Source
Batteries unknown x unknown
Continuous Shooting
Continuous Shooting 2.5 frames per second
Flash System
Command Protocol(s) analog
Features W, HS, P-TTL, TTL, P, S
Synchronization Speed(s) 1/180 ~ 30, B
Built-In Flash
Guide Number (GN) 12
Coverage (35mm equivalent) 24
Auto Pop-Up
Red-Eye Reduction yes
AF Assist yes
Fitting Case(s) unknown