History of the KMP

A Brief History of the KMP

5 September 2017 The new KMP goes online under the Pentaxians’ auspices.
5 January 2017 Bojidar accepts the offer of the German Pentaxians and their Team to continue his work.
October 2016 Bojidar announces that he intends to lay the future of the KMP into someone else’s hands.
30 May 2014 Arnold Stark becomes a co-author of the KMP.
20 July 2009 KD and K bodies get separated; several format changes in overview tables
12 October 2007 The KMP celebrates its 10th anniversary and gets a new look!
11 February 2007 The summary pages for the digital bodies are replaced by more appropriate ones.
13 January 2003 The KMP’s appearance is redesigned.
14 October 2001 The KMP moves to its own subdomain http://kmp.BDimitrov.de.
16 December 1999 The KMP moves to http://www.BDimitrov.de/kmp/.
Yoshihiko Takinami takes over the maintainance of the lens resolution results.
1 October 1999 Development resumes after 1 year of military service.
12 October 1997 Bojidar Dimitrov publishes the KMP in the form of a single page describing the smc lenses.