M 50/1.4

M 50/1.4

General Description

There exists a gold version of this lens (serial number 2413677), but although it looks very professionally done, the gold-plating is probably the work of a Pentax enthusiast.

The optical formula of this lens is identical to that of its predecessors “Super-Multi-Coated TAKUMAR 1:1.4/50”, “SMC TAKUMAR 1:1.4/50”, and “SMC PENTAX 1:1.4/50” (K-Series). Only the “smc” coating was developed one step further.

Product Information
Exact Name smc PENTAX-M 1:1.4 50mm
Color black
Year of Introduction 1977
Catalog Number 20867
Sold with Hood
Sold with Case

Technical Specifications

Optical Formula 7 elements in 6 groups
Aperture Range f/1.4 ~ f/22
Number of Aperture Blades 8
Minimum Focusing Distance 0.45 m
Maximum Magnification 0.15 X
Filter Diameter 49 mm
Maximum Diameter 63 mm
Length 37 mm
Weight 235 g
Cap plastic clip-on cap, 49 mm
Fitting Hood(s) screw-on hood: PH-R49
clip-on hood: PH-S49
screw-on hood: RH-R49
Fitting Case(s) dedicated hard case: exact name unknown