DA 16-45/4 AL ED

DA 16-45/4 AL ED

General Description

This is the first Pentax lens specifially designed for the smaller image circle of the Pentax digital SLRs. It features the new “Quick-Shift-Focus-System” which allows manual focus-corrections in AF mode.

Product Information
Exact Name smc PENTAX-DA 1:4(22) 16-45mm ED -AL-
Color black
Year of Introduction 2003
Catalog Number 21507
Sold with Hood bayonet hood: PH-RBL67
Sold with Case

Technical Specifications

Optical Formula 13 elements in 10 groups
Aperture Range f/4 ~ f/22
Number of Aperture Blades 8
Minimum Focusing Distance 0.28 m
Maximum Magnification 0.26 X
Special Features aspherical element(s), extra-low dispersion element(s)
Filter Diameter 67 mm
Maximum Diameter 72 mm
Length 92 mm
Weight 365 g
Cap plastic clip-on cap, 67 mm
Fitting Hood(s) bayonet hood: PH-RBL67
Fitting Case(s) soft case: S90-140

Subjective Evaluation

Informal user tests indicate that the lens is very sharp and contrasty, with flare and distortion also being very well controlled. There are, however, high levels of cromatic aperation at 16 mm, but they can be easily “cured” in the appropriate post-processing software.