FA* 24/2 AL [IF]

FA* 24/2 AL [IF]

General Description

This lens is quite large and heavy, but features an attractive widest aperture and excellent build quality. Unfortunately, as with all silver star-lenses, the silver paint is quite easy to scratch. If you need the f/2 aperture, this is your only choice from Pentax.

Product Information
Exact Name SMC PENTAX-FA* 1:2 24mm IF & AL
Color silver-black
Year of Introduction 1991
Catalog Number 22630
Sold with Hood bayonet hood: PH-RBB67
Sold with Case soft case: S90-100

Technical Specifications

Optical Formula 11 elements in 9 groups
Aperture Range f/2 ~ f/22
Number of Aperture Blades 8
Minimum Focusing Distance 0.3 m
Maximum Magnification 0.125 X
Special Features aspherical element(s), internal focusing
Filter Diameter 67 mm
Maximum Diameter 73 mm
Length 66 mm
Weight 405 g
Special Features AF/MF clutch
Cap plastic clip-on cap, 67 mm
Fitting Hood(s) bayonet hood: PH-RBB67
Fitting Case(s) soft case: S90-100

Subjective Evaluation

The opinions on this lens differ quite widely. Some are very satisfied with its performance and happy about its widest aperture, others are less enthusiastic. All agree that the lens is very sharp at narrow apertures, but some complain about poor corner sharpness at wide apertures. Since there exists 24/2.8, the most important reason to get this lens is its f/2.0 aperture. But if it is not that good at f/2.0, why should get it in the first place? In addition some say that this lens performs less well on digital bodies as with film, in particular with respect to cromatic aberation. Apparently geometric distortion is also not that great, but this should be less of an issue with cropped digital sensors.