MZ-6 / ZX-L

MZ-6 / ZX-L

General Description

The MZ-6 /ZX-L followed the popular MZ-7 / ZX-7. The MZ-6 /ZX-L and the MZ-S were last of the MZ / ZX series cameras and the first Pentax SLRs incorporating the P-TTL flash system allowing for wireless TTL flash control.

The following custom functions are available:

  1. AutoBracketing Range in EV:
    • 1/2 EV
    • 1/3 EV
    • 2/3 EV
    • 1 EV
  2. Reset to SingleFrame after autobracket:
    • Yes
    • No, stay in autobracket
  3. Shutter Release delay time with remote controller:
    • 3 sec
    • immediate
  4. Autofocus-activation with the remote control:
    • Off
    • On
  5. Meter method w/ AE lock:
    • Spot
    • Multi-segment
  6. AE lock when subject in focus:
    • Off
    • On
  7. AutoFocus method in Action mode:
    • Continuous
    • Focus Lock
  8. LCD illumination mode:
    • ShutterButton half down, in the dark
    • When preview button is pressed
    • Not illuminated
  9. PowerOn illumination pattern:
    • Regular
    • Irregular
    • No illumination
  10. Leader In/Out on rewind:
    • In
    • Out
  11. Wireless flash affect on built-in flash:
    • Master mode (flash is fired)
    • Controlled (flash not fired)

This body supports:

  • Snap Focus with manual lenses
  • Wireless Flash with AF360FGZ
  • HighSpeed Synch Flash with AF360FGZ
  • Contrast Control Synch Flash with AF360FGZ,AF330FTZ, AF500FTZ, & built-in flash
Product Variations
Exact Name MZ-6 ZX-L
Color silver-black silver-black
Year of Introduction 2001 2001
Description &8212; with Data-Back
Catalog Number 01430 01449
Sold with Case

Technical Specifications

Lens Mount KAF
Mount Limitations
AF System (sensitivity) SAFOX IV (-1 ~ 18 EV)
AF with supersonic lenses
Power-Zoom Features
Self-Timer 12 sec
Mirror Lock-Up
Cable Release CS-205
Infra-Red Release simple
Custom Functions 11
Additional Features DOF preview
Width x Height x Depth 135.5 x 92 x 63 mm
Weight 385 g
Exposure System
Exposure Modes Auto-program, P, Paction, Pclose-up, Plandscape, Pnight-scene, Pportrait, Av, Tv, M
Metering Modes with K and M Lenses center-weighted, spot (using exposure lock button when the appropriate “Pentax function” is activated)
Metering Modes with A and newer Lenses 6-segment, spot (using exposure lock button when the appropriate “Pentax function” is activated)
Meter Material SPD
Exposure Compensation (Step) +/-3 (1/2 EV steps)
Exposure Lock yes
Meter Range 0 ~ 21 EV
Manual ISO Range 6 ~ 6400 ASA
Film DX Range 25 ~ 5000 ASA
Construction electronic (vertical)
Material metal
Shutter Speeds 30 ~ 1/4000, B
Mechanical Speeds
Magnification [Coverage] 0.70x [92%]
Aperture Indication LED
Shutter-Speed Indication LED
Interchangeable Screens
Power Source
Batteries 2 x CR2
External Battery Pack Fg (uses 4 AA-size batteries)
Continuous Shooting
Continuous Shooting 2 frames per second
Flash System
Command Protocol(s) analog
Features W, HS, P-TTL, TTL, P, S
Synchronization Speed(s) 1/125 ~ 30, B
Built-In Flash
Guide Number (GN) 11
Coverage (35mm equivalent) 28
Auto Pop-Up yes
Red-Eye Reduction yes
AF Assist yes
Fitting Case(s) soft case: FKS,
soft case: FKM,
soft case: FKL