Pentax Power Packs and Accessories

Pentax Power Packs and Accessories

Multifunction Devices

The Power Pack M is a multi-purpose timer and power-supply unit that connects to AC power or a car battery. It enables continuous shooting, interval shooting, timer control, remote control terminals, and many more features. It can also serve as power source for the Motor Drive LX, Motor Drive MD, and Motor Drive MX.

Power Packs

Camera Power SourcesUsable WithPowered ByWeight (g)FeaturesAccessories iIntroduced
Remote Battery Pack FSF-series camera bodies4 AA80unknown 1987>
AA Battery Grip SFSF-series camera bodies4 AAunknownunknown 1987>
Battery Pack FgZX/MZ-series camera bodies4 AA92unknown <1997
Battery Grip BG-10 iiMZ-S4 AA (alcaline or lithium)185unknown 2001
Battery Grip D-BG1*ist D4 x 1.5 Volt AA Size
or 2 x CR-3V
180unknown 2003
Battery Grip D-BG2K10DD-LI50235unknown 2006
Battery Grip D-BG3K200D4 x 1.5 Volt AA Size175ON/OFF collar, shutter release, exposure lock 2008
Battery Grip D-BG4K-7D-LI90 or 6 x 1.5 Volt AA Size245ON/OFF collar, shutter release, exposure compensation, ISO, front and rear control wheel 2009

Flash Power SourcesUsable WithPowered ByWeight (g)FeaturesAccessories iIntroduced
AC Adapter IIAF400T, AF080CAC household current870unknown <1984
Grip Battery PackAF400T6 AA (regular or NiCd)125unknown <1984
Power Pack 510VAF400T, AF080C510V multi-cell battery?unknown <1984
TR Power PackAF400T, AF080C6 C (regular or NiCd)490unknownCase with shoulder strap<1984
TR Power Pack IIAF500FTZ6 C (non-NiCd)370unknownPower cord, case, strap1992>

Motor Power SourcesUsable WithPowered ByWeight (g)FeaturesAccessories iIntroduced
Battery Pack AMotor Drive A8 AA175unknown(Power Cord A, Remote Cord A)<1984
Battery Grip MMotor Drive LX, Motor Drive MD, Motor Drive MX12 AA203unknown(Power Cord M)<1984
NiCd Battery Pack LXMotor Drive LX, Motor Drive MD, Motor Drive MXbuilt-in battery187unknown(Power Cord M, Trigger Cord M, Charge Pack M, Power Pack M)<1984
NiCd Battery Pack MMotor Drive LX, Motor Drive MD, Motor Drive MXbuilt-in battery (15 V)179unknown(Power Cord M, Trigger Cord M, Charge Pack M, Power Pack M)<1984
Remote Battery PackWinder LX, Winder ME II4 AA187unknown <1984


  • Power Cord A – it is 3 meters long, and attaches between the "power source connector pins" on the Motor Drive A and the "remote control socket on the Battery Pack A.
  • Power Cord M – allows for separation of Motor Drive LX or MX and their power sources.

FDP Grip Strap (for PZ-1, PZ-1p, Z-1, PZ-1p)

Note that the Pentax FDP Grip Strap is not a battery pack. It is merely a hollow plastic device that looks like one. It does make the Z-1 a lot easier and nice to hand-hold, however.

i = Items listed inside parentheses are optional and must be purchased separately.
ii = The BG-10 features on the front: shutter release button with preview switch and remote sensor receiver and on the rear: AE lock button, main swicth, remote control switch and 2nd receiver.