K 85-210/4.5

K 85-210/4.5

General Description

Pentax has developed a dedicated close-up lens for this lens which shortens the minimum focus distance from 3.5 down to 1.9 meters.

Product Information
Exact Name SMC PENTAX ZOOM 1:4.5/85~210
Color black
Year of Introduction 1975
Catalog Number 27540
Sold with Hood
Sold with Case dedicated hard case: exact name unknown

Technical Specifications

Optical Formula 11 elements in 10 groups
Aperture Range f/4.5 ~ f/32
Number of Aperture Blades 6
Minimum Focusing Distance 3.5 m
Maximum Magnification unknown
Filter Diameter 58 mm
Maximum Diameter 68 mm
Length 218 mm
Weight 729 g
Cap plastic clip-on cap, 58 mm
Fitting Hood(s) clip-on hood: PH-R58
Fitting Case(s) dedicated hard case: exact name unknown