A 50/2.8 Macro

A 50/2.8 Macro

General Description

This lens employs floating elements, a construction used to achieve better optical performance at ALL focus distances. The floating group is the one directly behind the front lens. Relative to the other lens elements it is moved faster near infinity than at close focus.

Product Information
Exact Name smc PENTAX-A MACRO 1:2.8 50mm
Color black
Year of Introduction 1984
Catalog Number 28190
Sold with Hood
Sold with Case hard case: HA-90

Technical Specifications

Optical Formula 6 elements in 4 groups
Aperture Range f/2.8 ~ f/22
Number of Aperture Blades 6
Minimum Focusing Distance 0.24 m
Maximum Magnification 0.5 X
Special Features floating elements, macro lens
Filter Diameter 49 mm
Maximum Diameter 63 mm
Length 50 mm
Weight 220 g
Cap plastic clip-on cap, 49 mm
Fitting Hood(s) no hood required
Fitting Case(s) hard case: HA-90